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You CAN Teach an Old Pet New Tricks!

Neutricks and Neutricks for Cats are an exciting new approach to healthy brain aging for the senior pet wellness market.

Thousands of vets and pet parents have given over 6 million doses of Neutricks to their four legged friends.

Recommended by vets, backed by research and proven to help pets – try Neutricks today!

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What is Neutricks?

Neutricks is an exciting new supplement that helps support brain function for senior pets and gives you a new tool to deal with the growing incidence of senior canine and feline mild memory problems.


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Our Senior Pet Wellness Blog offers advice, news, tips, tricks and other resources that can help you learn more about what your aging pet is experiencing and feeling.

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Information for Vets

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Community Involvement

We believe in getting involved locally and giving back to our community.

Supporting Local Pet Organizations

Neutricks supports and applauses those who are helping our furry friends day in and day out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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These are the most commonly asked questions about Neutricks.

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