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Testimonials from Happy Senior Pets, Their Families and Vets.

Happy Customers

She has come back to her good old self, following me around, sleeping in my bed, running through the house and tolerating the new addition 2 year old Winter.RAIN

I ordered a bottle of Neutricks – she now trots and “plays” around the yard again, which she hasn’t done in years! I am now whole-heartedly recommending it to clients who have old dogs.ABBEY

Our family thanks Neutricks for giving spunk and life back to our 11-year-old dog Kramer! Before Neutricks he was wandering and would sleep all the time.KRAMER

After about 2 weeks, I noticed an improvement and as of today, he isn’t having those types of episodes anymore.TIGGER

His behaviors improved dramatically. I have been recommending Neutricks to every vet that I can! And Wally is still happily by my side!WALLEY

The client gave Neutricks for cats and within weeks Sassy was more playful, resting at night and engaging with other household members more often.SASSY

Day 3 came and he hasn’t had an accident since. I have been telling anyone that will listen to my amazing results. I am a true believer!HOOCH

My 19 year old cat is doing GREAT now that she is on Neutricks for Cats. I am so happy my veterinarian recommended Neutricks!MISTY

Veterinarian recommended

"I put one of my senior patients on Neutricks and the results are simply outstanding!"

Sarah Kalstrup, DVM

"Many clients have reported significant improvements in their older pets after only a few weeks of usage."

Dr. Ernie Ward, DVM, CFVT